Relaxing on Vacation

Tourist services and specials

When people go on vacation in Maine the best way to relax is with one of our relaxing and calmingĀ facials and massages! Our facials, massages, herbal wraps, cupping, and more, are all holistic and offer many benefits like skin rejuvenation and immune system support.

Here at Healthy Image Spa, we have the services to keep you relaxed and content all vacation long. We offer services to those visiting family in Falmouth, Maine, those here for whale watching in Portland, Maine, or those that are just here to have a taste of Maine’s delicious lobster.

There are many benefits to coming in to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate with our health-benefiting services. So whether you are here for our wonderful blueberries, our mountains, or our beautiful beaches, stop by to experience another wonder of Maine!

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