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Why Elina Organics?

Handmade in Elina’s laboratory by Elina herself, these elite adjustable skin care products provide unparalleled results. The ingredients in the Elina Organics line are 100% organic and natural and change seasonally for optimal results and are customized for individual needs.

Elina products have been proven through independent scientific testing to activate expression of important anti-aging, anti-oxidant genes that stimulate production of collagen and keratin. These genes regulate biological processes important for skin cell regeneration, renew, and protection from damage.

Elina products are never tested on animals.

Product Adjustments

Because Elina products are sold through professional skincare offices, estheticians can adjust every product to fit your skin precisely. For example, if you want the cream to be lighter or more emollient, after purchasing the product, you can use it for a few days, and if you feel there is room for improvement come back and express your desires.

Specialty Formulations

If your skin has very special requirements that are not covered in the product line, Elina can personally create for you a transdermal, natural product with particular bioenergetic effects.

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